Why a Healthy Rotator Cuff Is So Important

Is your neck pain caused by cell phone use?

Cell phone use could be responsible for your neck pain.

The rotator cuff is just one piece of your shoulder that allows for easy movement of the joint. When you experience rotator cuff tears, you may need physical therapy treatment to restore function and eliminate the pain caused by the tear. Because of the reduced function rotator cuff injuries can cause, it’s important to keep it as healthy as possible.

Seek spinal decompression for your neck pain.

A healthy rotator cuff is essential to movement.

Use Correct Posture

At some point in your life, you have likely been told to sit up straight by a parent, teacher or other authority figure. One of the most important parts of your body to ensure you sit and stand with correct posture is your shoulders. The rotator cuff offers stability for your shoulder. If it isn’t healthy, you may have a difficult time using good posture, which can lead to other problems, including back pain. While physical therapy can help your posture, you need healthy rotator cuffs as well.
Prevent Further Injury

When your rotator cuff isn’t healthy, it can cause strain on other parts of your shoulders and arms. This can quickly lead to further injury that may require more physical therapy treatment or even surgery. For this reason, you are encouraged to seek professional help if you suspect you may have rotator cuff tears or any other similar injury.

Determine how a chiropractor can help with your pain.

Seek physical therapy for help with your rotator cuff.

Maintain Function

In order for the shoulders to work correctly, it’s important for all parts to function properly. Rotator cuff injuries can make it painful to move your arms in the ways necessary to complete regular daily tasks, as well as to participate in sports and complete other functions. Without the right physical therapy, you may find you can no longer function normally, reducing your quality of life.

Few people think about the rotator cuff or the impact of injuries to this area of the body; however, it’s important not to take any part of your body for granted. While physical therapy treatment can help keep your rotator cuff healthy, it’s also important to realize why treatment is necessary. Listen to your body and you can enjoy all the activities you love.

If you are experiencing pain or looking for ways to strengthen your rotator cuffs, contact us. Our Scarsdale physical therapy team can help you find the right exercises.

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