Pinpointing Pain Can Mean the Beginning of Recovery

Your chiropractor can help you avoid pain on your trip.

When doctors prescribe medication for pain, they are eliminating the pain without addressing the cause. Pain is the body’s way of indicating something is wrong. Physical therapy treatment can identify the cause of the pain and help patients address that issue directly to eliminate the pain for good.

A Misalignment of Parts

Experiencing pain in a specific joint can often be caused by a misalignment of other parts of the body. For instance, if the knee is the source of the pain, looking at the ankles, hips and back, as well as the knee itself, can give physical therapists a clue as to which area of the body require treatment. If the physical therapist or doctor only looked at the source of the pain, the actual cause could be overlooked, resulting in continued pain instead of long-term resolution.

Joint Degeneration

Another cause of pain is joint degeneration. This problem often can’t be resolved with physical therapy treatment, but it can be slowed down. This is often a two-step process. Some exercises are designed to tune the body so it can heal more effectively. Once the body heals, other exercises are used to maintain movement and slow down the progression of any future joint degeneration. These exercises can often be done at home or during other activities to make it easier for patients to complete them every day.

Prescribed Exercises

Once the therapist determines the exact cause of the pain the patient is experiencing, he will create a treatment plan customized for the individual, addressing both the cause of the pain and the other areas of the body affected by that issue. This means the patient may have to complete a large variety of exercises to eliminate the pain. Some of these exercises require a visit to the therapist’s office, while others can be done at home.

Physical therapy treatment does more than eliminate the pain; it addresses the underlying cause and gives patients a better quality of life. Treating the symptoms alone will get rid of the pain on a temporary basis but will not resolve the pain entirely. Instead, physical therapy can eliminate the pain altogether for the best results.

If you are suffering from pain and haven’t determined the cause, contact us. We work with your doctor to treat the underlying cause of your pain to give you long-term relief.
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