Dynatron Thermostim Solaris Plus

The Dynatron Thermostim Solaris Plus (“TSP”), which enables targeted application of heat, cold, electricity and ultrasound waves to relieve pain and blockages in the neck and spine,opens up a new frontier in physical therapy. The TSP replaces icepacks, heated washcloths, shock machines and old ultrasound devices, all of which were of limited effectiveness because of the inability to target a specific pain center or area. The TSP takes a lot of the discomfort out of the process of back pain relief, by eliminating the need for excess application of heat or electricity over a wide area of the back while allowing for more aggressive treatment of a tightly-defined target area.

The Solaris Plus Series offers the most options in any one device by including ultrasound, 7 Stim waveforms, and the option of adding Tri-Wave Light Therapy and ThermoStim: cold, heat, electrical stimulation, and soft-tissue mobilization, all in one Tool. The multi-surface head with edges and corners optimizes ThermoStim transfer and tissue mobilization.

The temperature range of the device is 39⁰-112⁰ F; it reaches a therapeutic target temperature in less than 60 sec. Flexibility Solaris Plus delivers 7 Stim waveforms including IFC, Premod, Biphasic, Russian, High Volt, Microcurrent, Direct Current, and Fixed Frequency IFC/Premod. In addition, Solaris Plus offers 3-Frequency Ultrasound and the new Tri-Wave Light Therapy. Solaris Plus has the power to deliver up to 5 channels of Stim, Ultrasound, and Tri-Wave Light Therapy through both Probe and Pads—all at the same time. Deliver any combination of 3-wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue) using the Dynatron Tri-Wave™ Light Probe or 2 robust 5” x 7” Tri-Wave Light Pads. Dual Light Pads allow for greater coverage of a joint, treatment of 2 separate areas simultaneously, and the ability to treat large areas of the body when placed side-by-side. The revolutionary Dynatron ThermoStim™ Probe* combines cold or heat with electrical stimulation and soft-tissue mobilization to treat a wide variety of conditions, save time, and enhance patient outcomes.


Scarsdale Physical Therapy is proud to be an early adapter of the TSP and other innovative technological solutions, which hugely expand the range of effective treatments we are able to offer our patients.

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