Musculoskeletal injuries

Sprains, Strains, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Fractures, etc.

Any injury that occurs to a skeletal muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, or a blood vessel that services skeletal muscle and any related tissues can be defined as a musculoskeletal injury. Participation in sports, along with the many activities that go along with a healthy and active lifestyle, carries an inherent risk of musculoskeletal injury. The majority of these injuries are minor, and usually don’t have any serious long-term consequences. The usual short-term consequences of musculoskeletal injuries will include some limitations to physical function.

The most common causes of these types of injuries are:
  • A muscle that has been injured in a previous incident and has not been properly rehabilitated
  • Using a muscle that has been previously injured and healed with significant scar tissue
  • Repetitive use of a joint or particular muscle group
  • Unusual tightness within a muscle group that does not permit normal movement
  • Improper warm-up and stretching prior to exercise or competition
  • Overexertion
Strains and sprains are the predominant musculoskeletal injuries:

A sprain is where one or more of your ligaments are twisted, stretched or torn. Ligaments act as strong bands of tissue around joints. They connect one bone to another and help keep your bones together and stable.

Sprains often occur in the ligaments around joints in the knee or ankle. The symptoms of a sprain include pain, inflammation, bruising and restricted movement in the affected area.

A muscle strain is an incident where muscle tissues or fibers are stretched or even torn. Pulling a muscle refers to a muscle strain. Tendons can also be strained. A tendon is the tough, narrow tissue at the end of a muscle that connects it to the bone.

Strains are caused by a muscle that is overstretched or that over-contracts. Symptoms of a strain include pain, muscle spasm and loss of strength in the muscle.

Strains are common to many sports, particularly those involving running, jumping or rapid changes of direction.

Our in-house therapy programs are specifically designed for each type of injury and involve a combination of rest and ice, heat and massage, medicine and exercise counseling.

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