Power Vertex Whole Body Training System

The Power Vertex Whole Body Training System is the most versatile piece of exercise equipment on the market. It can be used for rehabilitation, fitness sport-specific training, health and wellness and strength training.The system is adaptable enough to accommodate nearly any exercise movement. Instead of the clunky weight plates familiar to anyone who uses a fitness center, the Vertex system uses exercise cords that can be easily adjusted from 0 to 75 pounds to provide appropriate resistance levels. The machine can be configured with a variety of attachments and pulleys that allow for the targeting of particular muscles or muscle groups. The base is wheelchair-accessible, but can also accommodate very robust motions such as vertical jumps, power squats, lifting, pulling, pushing and swinging a bat or golf club. Add-ons and accessories such as benches, stability balls, plyo boxes, belts and harnesses make it possible to replicate and vary nearly any desired therapeutic or fitness training movement.

Unlike traditional systems where you have to wait your turn for an exercise machine, the Power Vertex system is designed to accommodate up to eight people at a time, with each person performing the exercise of his or her choice, using different add-ons and resistance levels. The seven-foot vertical octagonal column allows you to plug in your cord or pair of cords anywhere you like, depending on whether you want to exercise your upper body, your legs or your back.

The Power Vertex system is one of the most effective tools for regaining mobility and strength. Our therapists will instruct you how to get the most out of your exercise routine in order to regain full range of motion and optimal physical power.

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