Simple Ways to Ease the Pain of Sore Muscles

Did you know how you walk could contribute to back pain.

Sore muscles are a common occurrence for many people. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident or the rigors of life are taking their toll, physical therapy in Scarsdale can help you eliminate your back pain and neck pain. In addition to your physical therapy, however, you can use some of these tips to help you in between sessions.

Get a Massage

Fix your gait with chiropractic care.

Physical therapy can help ease the pain.

A massage isn’t just for relaxation. It can also help you feel less pain through reducing the tension in your muscles. In addition, massage will increase the blood flow to the area, which will help heal the muscle faster so you experience a decrease in discomfort sooner. Massage can also reduce inflammation, a factor that can contribute to feelings of pain.

Stretch Out

Stretching is a valuable element of any workout routine. A Scarsdale physical therapy clinic can help you learn some new stretching techniques to help with your back pain or neck pain. Stretching before exercise will loosen the muscles, while stretching afterward will help your body work out lactic acid, a factor that often increases feelings of pain.

A Gait Evaluation

Your back pain could be caused by the way you walk.

A physical therapy clinic can help you eliminate sore muscles.

Heat in addition to your physical therapy in Scarsdale will help your muscles relax and heal more quickly. There are several ways you can use heat to help your pain. Taking a hot shower allows you to focus the heat wherever you need it. A warm bath can also help, especially if you add baking soda or a muscle relaxing soap. A rice-filled tube sock heated in the microwave can provide targeted pain relief to your neck in particular.

Most people don’t realize their back pain could actually be caused by the way they walk. When people walk in a way that produces more pressure in the spine, they will often experience pain with no other cause. Seeking chiropractic care will help you learn how to walk more effectively so you can eliminate your pain and enjoy a better quality of life.

If you’re experiencing back pain in Scarsdale and the surrounding areas, contact us. We can perform a gait analysis and recommend the right treatment plan to eliminate your pain.

Stay Active

Your muscles will become sore more quickly if you live a more sedentary lifestyle. A Scarsdale physical therapy clinic will recommend you stay active, even if it means taking a walk on a daily basis. While it’s tempting to sit on the couch for the duration of your recovery, it’s important to get moving as often as possible.

Your back pain and neck pain doesn’t have to control your life. Physical therapy in Scarsdale can be helpful in eliminating your pain and helping you recover from injuries more quickly. In addition to your treatment, you should also take the proper steps to reduce your pain in between your sessions.

If you’re suffering from neck or back pain, contact us. We can help you find ways to eliminate your pain.

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