How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Golf Game

Did you know how you walk could contribute to back pain.

Golf may seem like a harmless game but this doesn’t mean sports injuries can’t occur. Because the game can be physically strenuous, playing can result in one of several injuries if you aren’t careful. In addition to helping with potential injuries, however, physical therapy treatment in Scarsdale can actually have a positive impact on your game. With the right treatment, you can lower your score and perform better, all while reducing your risk of injury.

Fix your gait with chiropractic care.

Turn to a physical therapy clinic for help with your golf game.

your game.

Muscle Tightness and Joint Restriction

Two of the biggest issues golfers have with their game results from muscle tightness and joint restriction. These issues can be the result of injuries or they can be due to a number of other issues. Regardless of the cause, they can cause great problems with swing and follow-through, both of which are essential to a good golf game. When you work with a Scarsdale physical therapy clinic, you will be able to loosen up your joints and muscles so you can enjoy a free swing and improve

Fix your gait with chiropractic care.

Turn to a physical therapy clinic for help with your golf game.

Recover Fully from Golf Injuries

When golfers are injured, it’s often a minor injury, which means they don’t usually seek physical therapy treatment to ensure a full recovery. Instead, they may take some pain medication and resume golfing as soon as the pain subsides. Unfortunately, this can cause your golf game to suffer. Going to a physical therapy clinic that knows how to help golfers is essential to ensure you can get your swing back with fewer negative effects due to
your injury. Good physical therapy can help you with the biomechanics of a good swing. Manual therapy will ensure you heal faster and are back on top of your game.

Even though injuries in golf are much less likely than other sports injuries, your golf game could be impacted by injuries or even aggravation of other problems not associated with the sport. For this reason, many golfers look for a Scarsdale physical therapy clinic to help them improve their game. An experienced physical therapist can provide a treatment plan designed to improve your swing and help you become a better golfer.

If you want to find ways to lower your golf score, contact us. Our physical therapy clinic can help you get on top of your game.